Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monterosso, Italy (Cinque Terre)

This seemed an appropriate post today to serve as a brief daydream.  In Indianapolis, it's currently 16 degrees outside, but it feels like 5 degrees.  And we are expecting 5 inches of snow.  So I thought I would post a photo from a warmer, sunnier day.  This is the "beach" in Monterosso, Italy.  I think Americans have a different idea of what to expect when they see the word "beach".  This beach primarily consisted of rocks.  No soft sand like we come to expect in the states.  But, I found the form, color, and repetition of the beach chairs and umbrellas to be interesting.  The lines and stripes tie into the comments from my last post.


  1. It is a welcome sight as that 5 inches you mentioned is now falling on me in southeast Michigan. It's a beautiful photograph!

  2. John,

    I was visiting this area 15 years ago and had some of the best tortellini ever. Hard to describe it other than the tortellini were fresh, large and very stuffed, cooked perfectly.

    I've greatly enjoyed your blog.

    Jonathan Wilson