Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rothenburg (ob der Tauber), Germany

Rothenburg is a classic medieval walled town located in Bavaria along the Romantic Road. The city is full of small town charm and quaint shops and hotels. I love the striped awnings you see on lots of the storefronts. The town inspired me to paint my studio to mimic the buildings, specifically this bakery I saw there. I also decided to continue with the European theme by painting my address on the garage door to look like the speed limit signs in Europe.

Appenzell, Switzerland

So Appenzell is known for it's cheese. They have this very popular cheese called Appenzeller that pretty much smells like smelly feet. We walked by a cheese shop and could smell the cheese from outside. When you walked in the shop you were bombarded by the aroma. We had to buy some to truly experience Appenzell. I must say it was good cheese with a very strong flavor. But don't expect to make friends on the train if you bring on a bag of it.

Gimmelwald, Switzerland

This home has the most amazing view of the alps. Of course, coming from Indiana, any view of the Alps is amazing. I was hiking in Gimmelwald and came across it and ended up photographing the owners on the front porch.