Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Prints

Looking for unique ideas for holiday gifts?  Want to find something different without having to set foot in a shopping mall?   I have an extensive library of images from all over Europe as well as downtown Indianapolis landmarks that would make great gifts this holiday season.  I can do small 8"x10" prints that are easy to frame or create beautiful canvas gallery wraps as large as 40"x60".   

For an even more personal approach, we offer printing and stretching services of your own images.  Surprise someone with their photos stretched on canvas!  Price lists for original artwork or printing and stretching services can be found here.  Please contact me for any print orders.  Links to Indianapolis and Europe images are below. 

Original wall art makes the perfect gift!       

Wall Art2


Indy Sample 8x10

Monday, September 19, 2011

Italy images now hanging at the Conrad Indianapolis

I've got a new show that just went up at the Conrad Indianapolis.  It's an all-Italy show with 12 canvas prints and they're all for sale.  I can print just about any size imaginable if you don't see the size you want.  The images are located in the hallway off of Tastings.  To see more of my travel work visit www.europefineartphotos.com

Monday, June 27, 2011

Grand' Place- Brussels, Belgium

Belgium had eluded me from all of my previous Europe trips, but not this time.  Having seen photos of Brussels' Grand' Place in books, I was anxious to witness it in person.  It did not disappoint.  From the moment you enter the square you realize the grandeur of this place (hmmm....why do you think they call it Grand' Place?).  The Flemish Baroque architecture is so ornate and full of charm and character that you quickly understand why it's one of Europe's finest historic squares.  Most of the facades you see were guildhouses built by different trade guilds.  Some of them have icons above the doors that represent the original building that occupied the site.  The one you see in this photo has a wheel barrow above the door and it represents the tallow (candle) merchants. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a fantastic city.  Whether you want to visit a restaurant like Brezel-Gwölb that claims to have invented the pretzel, eat world-famous Sachertorte cake at the Sacher Café, visit the 700 year old St. Stephen's Cathedral, learn the history of the Lipizzaner Horses or tour the Schönbrunn Palace, there is plenty to see and do.  It's a bustling, clean city that is very inviting and easy to get around by tram, buses, subway or your feet.  If you have an interest in buying photos from my travels in Europe you can find them here http://www.europefineartphotos.com

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lets go to Italy

If you enjoy travel, photography, adventure, trying new foods, seeing unique architecture or simply learning something new, then I think you will enjoy this series.  I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe and I wanted to share that experience with you.  Enjoy and I hope this encourages you to explore new places and devote time to international travel.

If you have interest in purchasing a print from this series you can find my contact information below.  I have the capabilities to print very large prints and even print on canvas with a gallery wrap.  To see a price list click here


While in Florence, my friends and I discovered a Fiat 500 driving tour that allowed us to drive the cars in and around the city.  The owner of the company was actually British and she was passionate about these little cars.  If you want to see a really cool website with an awesome example of quality branding, check out her site here. She owns 6 of the vintage 500's and would drive a lead car and speak to you through a headset that would broadcast into your car.  As you drove past landmarks she would tell you the history and significance of them.  The 500 is the Italians' answer to the Mini Cooper.  It's small, economical, basic, quirky and fun.  And these older ones can be finicky as well.  Of course, they are stick shifts and a treat to drive on narrow Italian streets. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's go to Switzerland

Gruyéres, Switzerland

Alp Horns, Gruyeres, Switzerland
Gruyéres, SwitzerlandRiiiiicolaaaaa!  Yes, Ricola, the cough drop herbal remedy. That's what most people think when they see these guys with their alphorns.  Heck, I didn't even know what they were called until I went to Switzerland.  They were used for communication between villages in the alps.  Sometimes for people, sometimes for cattle. This is one of only two times I've ever seen them being used.  This is in the tiny town of Gruyéres.  This region in the alps is known for it's cheese and chocolate.  I ended up going on a tour of the cheese factory and it was very impressive.  The cows that they use for the milk roam the alps freely eating flowers, grass and herbs (some of the same herbs you find in Ricola).  This diet gives the cheese it's special flavor.  At the end of the tour they gave us 3 cheeses to try : each at a different stage of maturity.   It is definitely my favorite cheese.  Of course, every time I bite into a piece of it I remember the experience of being there.  I'm sure that plays into my love of this cheese.  At any rate, if you've never tried it, pick some up the next time you are in a good cheese shop. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


Bergen, Norway..........

Bergen Norway

Bergen Epcot
The photo on the top is from Bergen, Norway a town on the western coast of Norway known for it's harbor and fish market and rich sea-trading heritage.  These buildings face the harbor and had some great weathered character to them and were anything but straight.  They all seemed to have a bit of a lean to them.  I liked the simplicity of the shapes and how they became a color study with the blue sky and the mountain of green trees in the background.  And the funny thing about the photo in the bottom is that it's from Epcot at Disney World.  They have a World Showcase area that highlights 10 different countries and Norway is one of them.  As soon as I saw these buildings I realized they were mimicking Bergen.  So to have some fun, I photographed the architecture from some of the countries in the showcase and I posted the images on Facebook.  I didn't say where I was but most people thought I was in Europe.  The architecture in the World Showcase is very believable.  I had German beer in "Germany" and ate French food in "France" and pretended, at least for the day, to be in Europe.