Friday, May 8, 2009

Indianapolis, Indiana

I had the good fortune of landing a job last year that had me exploring my own city of Indianapolis. The project was one that required me to photograph lots of different landmarks downtown. What was most fun was the fact that I got to really explore my city more than I normally do. There's a common reality among lots of people who take for granted what they have in their own city or town; they don't explore or visit the things that exist in their own backyard. I scoured downtown like a curious visitor from out of town and actually discovered things about downtown that I didn't know. This photo was a part of that project. I ultimately ended up printing very large B&W prints for display as wall art. Thanks to my Canon EOS 1DS Mark II and my Epson Stylus Pro 9800 printer we produced beautiful prints that will last as artwork for a long time to come.

London, England

This photo was done in "The Tube", otherwise know as the Underground. I saw this billboard and just had to laugh at the British humor. The ad was for shaving cream for a woman's underarms. Directly behind the guy is the woman's armpit. The humor all over Europe is a lot less conservative than what we have in the States. That's probably a surprise to no one. I wanted to get a photo of someone staring at the photo so I sat on the bench and waited for about ten minutes and along came this guy. He had no idea I took this photo.