Tuesday, November 5, 2013

View From The Top

One thing that I love about revisiting Italy time and again is getting the opportunity to learn more about Italian culture and landmarks with each trip while gaining a sense of familiarity.  I recently returned from a 16 day Italian trip and had the pleasure of spending the first day in Milan.  I had spent some time in Milan before and knew that I wanted to go up on the roof of the famous Duomo di Milano.  The roof is not only a great place to take dramatic photos, but also another incredibly cool Italian hang out.  View my images below to see how I spent my afternoon... 

  My views from atop the Duomo di Milano.

Italians and tourists alike visit the Duomo roof on a daily basis. It can be the perfect place for a scenic lunch or a quick nap.

While shooting, I noticed an interesting rooftop bar just over the  Duomo's spires.  It was just about happy hour, so you can guess what happened next...

Needless to say, Il bar at La Rinascente did not disappoint.  I noticed almost everyone drinking this orange-colored cocktail and thought "When in Rome" (or this case, Milan). It was an Aperol Spritz, a new favorite cocktail.  Cheers to new discoveries!!