Friday, April 30, 2010

Undredal, Aurlandsfjord, Norway

Undredal, Aurlandsfjord, Norway
  My dad is really into geneology and he has traced the Bragg name back several hundred years to Norway.  Knowing for some time that I wanted to go to visit the land of my forefathers, I decided it would be interesting to visit it right around the time of summer solstice since Scandinavia is known as the "land of the midnight sun."  So I went during that time but never actually got to see midnight sun because we weren't far enough north.  But, the sun did set around 11:00 pm and would rise again about 3:00 am.  Because of this, the sky never got pitch black at night but just looked like dusk.  The town of Undredal was very briefly seen while riding in a boat through the Aurlandsfjord.  Norway is known for their fjords and for good reason.  They make for a strikingly beautiful backdrop with deep waters and lush mountains. 

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