Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy hour at John Bragg Photography

A finely crafted cocktail is only as good as its ingredients.  A distinctive pre-Prohibition era cocktail mixed with a hand-made, naturally-infused elixir?  You had me at distinctive.
That's the idea behind the Wilks & Wilson line of natural, small batch simple syrups.  Inspired by the fine cocktails of yesteryear, co-creators Zach Wilks and Greg Wilson developed these flavored elixirs to enhance the nuances of such cocktails as the Sazerac and the Old Fashioned.  Not only does each elixir have a distinct flavor, each has its own unique story.
I got the opportunity to shoot the Wilks & Wilson products in my studio recently; as you can probably guess, it was a fun project.  Not only did I photograph the elixirs themselves, Zach Wilks was on hand to mix up his historic-yet-modern cocktails for the shoot.  The photos you see below, which depict each cocktail's transition from shaker to glass, are my favorites from that day.
What happened to all of those cocktails when the shoot was over, you ask?  Let's just say Wilks & Wilson now has a faithful following at John Bragg Photography.

Simple Mai Tai

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